We know that finding good office space is hard. Simply put; our mission is to make it easier.

 Ofpro is a PropTech company building a global community of the best workspaces and people to enjoy them.

 Providing secure, quick help connecting people who have space with those who need it. Be it 1 day or 1 lifetime.


OFPRO is a team of experts with access to every office across London. Contact us for a bespoke search.


Black and white photo of Oliver smiling, wearing a dark pinstripe jacket and midtone tie.

Oliver Quigley
Managing Director

Since 2006 Oliver has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over a decade in the serviced office industry. helping innumerable companies of every size and shape find their perfect office space. With previous experience recruiting for large blue-chip organisations and FMCG import and distribution Oliver brings a strong and comprehensive analytical approach to securing the ideal office space. He is not a man to leave a stone unturned!

Black and white photo of Wesley smiling, wearing a dark jacket and stripy two-tone tie.

Wesley Kakoo
Sales Manager

Wesley first realised his calling was in the serviced office industry back in 2007 when he spent a year finding perfect offices for his clients across the UK.  Since then he has gathered extensive experience in a number of varied sectors before returning to serviced offices in 2015. Since then he has applied his wide ranging skillset to helping companies secure the best possible space they can for their business.

Black and white photo of David with an enigmatic smile, wearing a dark jacket and a dark tie.

David Perrins

David has been part of the fast emerging PropTech scene since it’s creation, using over 15 years of industry experience to innovate and pioneer what Ofpro believe is going to be a game changer.

Black and white photo of Dan with a full beard, wearing a dark jacket and a dark tie.

Daniel Coomber
Senior Property Consultant

Having acquired all of his previous experience in various B2B roles, Dan first started working in serviced offices in 2012. With time spent in design, build and fit out Dan truly understands all the aspects that need to come together in the perfect office.  With a keen eye on the best deal for his clients Dan is renowned for “saying it as he sees it”.

Black and white photo of Richard with a full beard, smiling, wearing a dark jacket and a dark tie.

Richard Winton
Senior Property Consultant

From 2011 Richard spent 3 years advising and assisting people to find serviced offices space before a brief spell on the dark side in residential property. Now back where he belongs and putting his considerable knowledge of the office market to good use again, Richard is only happy when helping people find an office. Arsenal used to make him happy but those days gone he tells me.


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